Taking care of your soccer jerseys

September 8, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Sports & Recreation

Taking Care Of Your Soccer Jerseys

At the start of every season, you will get a new set of soccer jerseys for team games. For practice sessions and unofficial games, you will need to buy a separate set of uniforms. Fortunately, you can get soccer jersey’s on sale for those situations. In both cases, the jerseys will need proper maintenance and care to last the season. Soccer apparel is much like any other sporting apparel and will degrade, wear, tear, and even smell with neglect. Here are some tips for looking after your soccer jerseys:

Wash your uniform as soon as your game is over, or the next morning at the very least. Follow the washing instructions exactly as they indicate on the clothing tags. You can soak the uniform overnight in cold water to remove any hard bits of mud and

Turn the jersey inside out to prevent any damage to the logo and number embroidery. It is also a good practice to keep them inside out as they dry. Doing so prevents any odors.

Often, you will not need to iron the jerseys. Hanging is enough to keep them wrinkle-free. The care instructions will specify a temperature to iron.

Once the jersey is dry, run it through an air dry cycle to keep it nice and fluffy. Avoid using a heat dryer as the heat can affect the synthetic fabric.

Unfortunately, if the jersey tears, you will probably need to buy a new one from a store like Soccer Garage. It is not a good idea to try and mend the jersey.