England’s Soccer Failures

March 9, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog

Article Written by : Online Soccer Champions

Established as one of Europe’s best centre-halves, England still failed to acknowledge Carraghers talents. It’s still the case today as many supporters outside of Liverpool are baffled by the adulation he is offered. The city of Liverpool has a complex social fabric and many players who represent the club (even locals) fail to recognise this. Carragher did not. Paolo Maldini wasn’t Milanese enough for the Milanese, they booed him in his last game for the club and chanted for Baresi instead. Jamie Carragher understood Liverpool better than any player ever has done. A man of the people, he spoke for Liverpool, compare it the way Totti speaks for Roma. The leftist, localised, anti-nationalist populace of the city were delighted when they heard that Carragher had chose to retire from International duty. In his biography Carragher openly discusses the ‘Scouse not English’ mentality (which took a considerable amount of balls to do). He stated how it was ‘only England’ and that the Liverbird devours the 3 Lions in the fight for his affections. The mystique of Carragher was further heightened when he responded to Adrian Durhams heckling of him on national radio (its on youtube, give it a listen) and offered him down to Anfield for a confrontation. Durham crumbled, lesson learned. A Carragher is never a coward – especially in public.

England’s loss was Liverpool’s gain. John Terry stated in 2006 that Carragher was a better defender than him, arguably the only thing Terry has ever done to please Liverpool fans. When Carra retires at the end of the season Liverpool will miss his presence like no-other. Men who will run through a brick wall for their clubs are rare to produce, and almost impossible to buy. Carragher’s career has been a successful one which has helped bridge the gap for Liverpool in terms of competing at the very top of the game. The future is bright for this young squad and although Carragher failed to win a league medal in a red shirt, there is no reason why he can’t do so as part of a back room set up. You need only listen to a Jamie Carragher interview to note how switched on he is about the game he loves. Liverpool have been lucky to have him these last 15 years and it’s safe to say that he wont be going very far. James Jr plays for Liverpool’s academy, perhaps we could see Jamie being offered a role there too? Who knows what the future holds, a timely break is needed for the man initally.

How to summarise? For speaking out against England, for your charity work, for putting Nedved to bed, for 700 devoted games, for giving Scousers a voice and for being a fan in a shirt, thank you Jamie Carragher,

A working class hero is something to be.