Athletes Now Using Meditation to Up Their Performance

September 5, 2021 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Sports

No amount of money can buy a romantic day spent with loved ones. Lying on a blanket watching the moon rise and the stars began to glow against a blackened sky can help anyone, especially athletes, to recharge.

An uncluttered evening where your favorite music softly plays in the background can make you feel alive again. That is the idea behind meditating. We take time out each day, close our eyes and simply remember a simpler time. Maybe you were age 16 and out with friends, laughing and riding around on a sunny day. You were dreaming of what you wanted to be when you grew up.

All this can come back to you as the fog of your modern-day life fades into nothingness and you meditate. For athletes, this can be a time of healing. Whether you have physical injuries or spiritual ones, we all need time to recover from the hectic lifestyle.

Set aside some private time each week for meditation. Create a special place that belongs only to you. Shut out all the noise and focus on your breathing. Discover the joy of reflecting on simpler times in your life.

Author Zhang Xinyue has written a book, Create Abundance with helpful advice for athletes and others:

“What we need to do now is get rid of life’s resistance. Slowly, with ease, bit by bit, focus on our own happiness.”

Zhang Xinyue believes that athletes can benefit from daily meditation. She explains:

“Once we truly know the significance and purpose of our efforts. We will become unwavering in our choice.”